SUN MOON University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Simulation Laboratory

In 2022, Project Results

A Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Landing Safety Assistance Device for Domestic Advanced Trainer T-50

Woon-Yong Cha, Chong-Keun Chun and Hyeon-Seop Lee

Korean Journal of Computational Design and Engineering

Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 1-9. March 2022

Fighter planes should be helped by landing safety assistance device when landing requires a lot of deceleration on the runway. Dynamic characteristics they have when applying the domestic advanced trainer T-50 are confirmed through simulation.

Study on Dynamic Characterization and Vibration Reduction of Scrubber Structures Using Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis

Woon-Yong Cha

MDPI Applied Scienses

Vol. 12, No. 10, pp. 5207. May 2022

It is impossible to completely modify the entire structure of an already installed and operating scrubber if a vibration problem occurs. To this end, a case run was conducted within a changeable design range, and an efficient design for vibration reduction was suggested by comparing the data with a change in the design factor.

Design and Impementation of Various Robots for Space Environment Protection

OTTUGI team (Min-Yong Shim, Ji-Hyeon Im, Do-Yeon Han and Yul-Hee Park), Adviser (Woon-Yong Cha)

RecurDyn Simulation Contest 2022

Bronze Award

Since there are many space wastes distributed in the Earth's low orbit, robots that can handle them are needed. In this study, designed various types of robots and analyzed the dynamic characteristics generated in the process of processing space waste.

Simulation of the Dynamic Characterisitcs of Friction Stir Welding and Structural Deflection of Base Material

Woon-Yong Cha, Se-Bin Im, Jae-Won Kim and Dae-Gwan Kang

MDPI Applied Scienses

Vol. 12, No. 19, pp. 9847. September 2022

Friction stir welding requires an optimized process because the weld quality can vary depending on the dynamic characteristics of the welding tool. In this study, simulation before process development a process guide for efficient friction stir welding of the thin base material of the power converter presented.

In 2021, Project Results

A Study on the Life Vibration in Adjacent Structures caused by Blasting

Woon-Yong Cha and Chong-Keun Chun

Korean Journal of Computational Design and Engineering

Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 22-29. March 2021

In this study, the blasting load by FEM analysis was calculated and the vibration value in the target area was measured. This makes it possible to calculate the location and separation distance of the blasting that meets the standard value for life vibration.

A Study on the Deflection and Behavior of Flat Display Glass Caused by a Conveyor Roller

Woon-Yong Cha, Chong-Keun Chun and Hyeon-Seop Lee

Korean Journal of Computational Design and Engineering

Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 163-171. September 2021

Roller’s flatness or design error can cause deflection problems in the transported display or cracks in the glass, which is vulnerable to impact due to its nature. In this study, we secured a technical template that optimizes the design of the conveyor system.

Study on Driving Stability of Semi-Trailer on Highway Entrance Curved Road

Woon-Yong Cha and Young-Chul Kwon

Korean Society of Mechanical Technology

Vol. 23, No. 5, pp. 886-891. October 2021

Driving safety of a semi-trailer is greatly reduced when driving in a section with a narrow turning radius, so a dynamic study of driving and road conditions is rquired. In this study, the driving stability of the semi-trailer was investigated using the CAE program.

A Study on the Dynamic Behavior of Secondary Safety Devices in Preparation for an Accident in the Braking System of a Korean Fighter Plane

PS team (Jeong-Un Yoo and Ji-Hyeon Im), Adviser (Woon-Yong Cha)

RecurDyn Simulation Contest 2021

Bronze Award

In the case of the fighter T-50 developed in Korea, the shape is different from that of a foreign fighter, so it checks whether the auxiliary braking system is applicable through analysis.